On The Beach

A Spare Tyre production in partnership with Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch and Havering Changing


A new interactive sensory experience for people living with dementia and their carers. Over the course of an hour, On the Beach explores a day in the life of a working beach – its myths, magic, perils and ever-changing beauty, drawing on rich traditions the world over using dance, music and interactive visual storytelling.


Tickets for this production are offered on a Pay What You Can basis to ensure no-one is excluded because of their financial circumstances. We know that ticket price is a huge barrier for some, and so Pay What You Can offers people who can afford to pay the recommended price or more the chance to support others who can’t.  If you’re able to pay over the suggested price, this will help us continue to offer this pricing model for as long as possible, removing the barrier of ticket cost for those who most need it.

4 - 6 Jul 2023
Running Time
60 minutes

Pay what you can (carers free), recommended £15 per person

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