‘This is the moment you’ve been waiting for!’

Proudly presented by Razzamataz Theatre Schools

Join Razzamataz Theatre Schools as we showcase our wonderfully talented students in our annual production of ‘This is the moment you’ve been waiting for‘.

A fabulous show filled with all of your musical favourites. Step into the world of Razzamataz and experience our take of on classic musicals & commercial bops to get you out of your seat and boogie. The incredible students will have you toe-tapping & smiling from ear to ear and as we take you on a journey of laughter, friendship & good times. Get your shades ready as you prepare to be ‘Blinded by the Lights’ that shine from our superstars. Sit back and get your dancing shoes on because ‘This is the moment you’ve been waiting for’.

16 June 2024

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Sun 16 Jun 2024
Sun 16 Jun 2024
Sun 16 Jun 2024

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