The Freak

Part of the Blueprint Festival

A sprawling mass of explosive queer chaos, ‘mad’ performer Kit can either start living a healthier life or continue as they are and risk losing everything. It is that simple. Yet the world is determined to make everything more complicated for them.

Navigating the pass-agg difficulties of a late 20s London flat share, questionable nights out and a distant pull back to their family, they oscillate between appeasing those around them and throwing as much sh*t to the wall to see what sticks.

The Freak explores how queer appearances are sought to be made palatable for heteronormative consumption. Where does our tolerance for queerness lie? Can society accept the differences it does not stand?

The Freak is a work in progress

11 & 13 Oct 2023
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Contains themes of addiction, body dysmorphia, gender dysphoria, sexual references, and assault


Gemma Barnett (she/her)
Zachary Hing (they/he/she)

Creative team

Bertie Darrell
Anna Marsland (she/they)
EM Parry (they/them)
Darren Evans (he/him)
Wet Mess (they/them)

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