Outer Limits May 2024

How to get stuff done when you really don’t want to 

As freelance artists we often move from job to job, work alone and are responsible for keeping on top of the boring but necessary administrative work that comes with our craft. When you find it difficult to keep on top of this, it can be particularly hard when you work alone and must keep yourself accountable.  

Aisling (Co-Creative Director) is all too familiar with this, and over the years has developed a toolbox of strategies they use to manage a day job and their freelance business, informed by their understanding of their own neurodivergence. In this session they will share strategies they use to get stuff done when they really don’t want to, and welcome anyone who would find it helpful to share tips and solidarity with other artists who struggle with the same thing.

This is for you if…

  • You must do some admin to support your creative work

  • You find it hard to keep yourself motivated to do the boring but necessary tasks to keep on top of your freelance work & admin

  • You find yourself putting tasks off until they all build up & it feels really overwhelming

  • You like sharing tips & strategies from other people who struggle with the same thing

This will be an hour workshop for 20 people in the Learning Space, run twice. Please book only into one session. There will be short presentation from Aisling introducing some of the strategies they use, and then the opportunity to put them into practice in a focused 30-minute co-working session. Afterwards we’ll look at what worked and how you can use these strategies going forward. 

There will also be space in the café roped off for attendees to work independently between 1 – 4pm.

Please email our team after you sign up if you would like to answer the questions below: info@queens-theatre.co.uk

  • Is there one thing you know you’d like to learn in this session? You’ll be given an opportunity at the start of the session to write this down if you can’t think of one now.

  • Is there one strategy or tip you use yourself you’d like to share with others?  

  • Do you have any access needs to be able to participate in this session?  

13 - 13 May 2024
Running Time
60 minutes

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