Menopause Party

A menopause comedy.

Dolly Slatemen, the working Wo-Man’s Pub Landlady (Alter Ego of real life Pub Landlady Debbie Baisden) Brings The Menopause Party to the masses.

Directed by Chris Head, this taboo smashing show with character comedy, sing alongs, spoken word and the unveiling of Dolly’s art expressions will take you on Dolly’s comical Menopause journey. Its Edutainment theatre, so expect to learn something on the phenomenon of the menopause that affects half the planet. Because funny enough it’s half female! Sharing her diary entries and special guest appearances from Doctor Meena Poors and Judge Mental Dolly expresses her own menopause in the only way she knows how.

“It is a highly entertaining show, and one that should be seen by all women who are likely to go through the menopause of 40 years plus, bearing in mind that the popular culture referred to is aimed at this mid-life and older audience. Men are welcome too.” – London Pub Theatres

15 Nov 2023
Running Time
100 minutes

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