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Behind every tattoo is a story. What people decide to get inked is often highly significant and personal. Tattoos can be decorative, commemorative, symbolic and transformational. Some stop at one or two – others curate an entire gallery on their skin. Inked is a bold new piece of theatre based on true stories. Director Lucy Pitman-Wallace has worked her way around Havering, interviewing those with tattoos and some of the incredible artists who create them. Together with writer Paul Dodgson, Lucy has shaped these authentic stories into a compelling script that promises to be fascinating, emotive and inspiring.


Venue: Cobra Monkey, Mercury Mall, Mercury Gardens, Romford RM1 3EE

23 & 24 June 2023
Running Time
50 minutes

Venue: Cobra Monkey, Mercury Mall, Mercury Gardens, Romford RM1 3EE

Age guidance: 16+ this piece refers to grief, self-harming and suicidal thoughts

Creative team

Paul Dodgson and Lucy Pitman-Wallace

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