A hilarious and moving new drama

“Now, I want you all to listen. Most universities today are money making machines. Oxford not excluded from that; I warrant. But most will drop grade boundaries to allow for more uptake of students to allow for more intake of fees. 


Their drive is money. They are built as businesses. 


Our drive is education. We are built as a school. 


And what do we have left if not our discriminations? Not in the modern sense of the word but, our tastes? Our violence of preference? A life without these – is idiocy. And candidates without these – this set – are idiots.”


Colloquium is a hilarious and moving new drama that pulls back the curtain on Britain’s oldest educational institutions. Will the desire for tradition reign, or the inevitability of progress sweep Oxford into becoming a new kind of university?

26 & 27 Feb 2023
£10 | £8 conc.
+65p QNext fee
Running Time
95 minutes
No interval in this performance

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