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The Last Resort

The Habbit Factory’s Infant, Junior and Senior groups present ‘The Last Resort’ supported by the wonderful Blue Tees.

Set in a nature reserve hotel and forest, Buddy the Badger goes on a mission to save the Woodland Inn by gathering animal friends throughout the forest. Humans are set on destroying everything to build a shopping centre. Can Buddy and his friends convince the humans of their wrong actions? Or is it too late to change their minds? This inspiring musical has songs from well-known artists from different genres so there is something for everyone. You are guaranteed to laugh and cry throughout this original story made by/with/for Members of The Habbit Factory.


Founded in 2004, The Habbit Factory (THF) is an inclusive arts organisation working with children and young people in the London Borough of Havering – The borough with the 5th highest level of child poverty in London.  As the only organisation that supports disability arts in the borough and through a targeted network of partner. Our approach is built on the principles of inclusivity, which welcomes everyone; regardless of background, race and/or disability.  In doing so, we welcome some of the most excluded and disadvantaged groups in the UK – children and young people who don’t see themselves as artists and don’t have access to any creative engagement or provision. We do this because we believe art has the power to effect change. Evidence continues to suggest that the creative arts is one of the most powerful tools to bring people together, breaking down social and cultural barriers, whilst helping the most vulnerable to lead a fulfilling and dignified life.


Please note the cast will be split into the following groups/performance:

Saturday 9th July
Abbs (Tuesday group) + Salvation (Friday group) + Infants

Sunday 10th July
Myplace (Wednesday group) + Rainham (Thursday group) + Infants


Previous performance reviews:

‘The world can learn a lot from this small charity with a big heart’ audience member

‘I came to watch my child perform on stage for the first time. I leave not only as a proud parent but I thoroughly enjoyed the production which made me laugh, cry and think’ parent review


10 Jul 2022




+65p QNext fee

Running Time

150 minutes


20 minutes


Main House

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Saturday, 09 July 2022 19:30 Queen's Theatre Book Now
Sunday, 10 July 2022 19:30 Queen's Theatre Book Now

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