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Scratch Night

Our Scratch Night is an invitation into the creative process and a chance to be there at the very beginning.  It’s also a chance to meet the Queen’s Theatre team, have a drink, take a seat and give constructive feedback to the creatives performing.

Join a selection of local professional performers as they share developing work. Including short plays, movement, spoken word, comedy, puppetry, and more.

If you would like to perform a 5-10 minute piece of your work, email


The pieces being performed:


by George Morgan

Short play

Inspired by true events,1968 follows the lives of two immigration officers who reenact the ‘near-death experience’ of capturing the man who assassinated Martin Luther King

@georgemorgan_ (Instagram)               George Morgan (Facebook)


Full Circle

by Michelle Payne

Short play

Nicole can’t decide if she has no mates because she’s crazy or crazy because she has no mates. She does the only logical thing she can think of and sets up a peer support group to make friends and start talking. Full Circle is a play about societies attitudes towards mental health sufferers, growing up and people’s support networks.



by Emily-Jane McNeill

One-woman show

Amy’s scared of commitment. Why? She’s convinced anyone she lets in will eventually come out as gay. Noel from Hear’say brought his boyfriend to their first date* & her Dad came out 5 days before Christmas. Help Amy navigate changing relationships, tackle her prejudices and face her fears *Noel would claim it wasn’t a date.

Twitter @ink_dolls


The Sketchbooks

by Richard Margrave


Is it ever too late to tell all? To point the finger of accusation. To reclaim a career and reputation. To gain justice.




by Pippa Moss

Musical comedy-drama

Lucky is an Essex girl. And she works at the bingo hall just off the high street. She loves her job and the people she ‘calls’ for but longs to be a movie star and do her family proud. Does she have the courage to create her own luck?



by George Morgan

Short play

A community award event, (Ken and Sandra) are awarded for keeping the community safe. They reenact the near-death experience, unintentionally revealing a fundamental truth about young people in communities today.

@georgemorgan_ (Instagram)             George Morgan (Facebook)


The Lighthouse

by Millie Moore


Three Irish immigrants are discussing their different views on the Irish immigration issue and meet an Italian whose grandfather died during WW2.  This is based on a true occurence, the Arandora Star, a ship which really sunk off the coast of Ireland, with 714 Italian passengers, internees to be shipped to Canada. They discuss their views on the afterlife.


9 Mar 2020




*+65p QNew Transformation Fee

Running Time

120 minutes


20 minutes


Foyer Stage

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Monday, 09 March 2020 20:00 Queen's Theatre Book Now

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