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Scratch Night

Scratch Night
An opportunity to join a selection of local professional performers as they share developing work. Including short plays, movement, puppetry, spoken word, comedy, song and more. It’s a fun evening where you can meet the exciting talent coming out of Havering and see their work before anyone else.

Prefer to sit back and watch the drama unfold?

You’re welcome to join us with tickets at just £5!  Our Scratch Night is an invitation into the creative process and a chance to be there at the very beginning.  It’s also a chance to meet the Queen’s Theatre team, have a drink, take a seat and give constructive feedback to the creatives performing.


Whispers by Richard Margrave

Aukse Stonys, early 20s, is a troubled young woman who has moved with her mother to London from Lithuania to attend medical school. Each day she finds religious solace from her torment in St Paul’s Cathedral, near to the university, but on this day she climbs the 259 steps up to the balustrade of the Whispering Gallery ready to jump. As she teeters on the brink – recalling the last conversation with her mother that morning and an odd woman encountered on the bus – the spirit world intervenes. Ghosts of some of the famous people buried in the Cathedral appear: to taunt her, tell their own stories, jostling and arguing amongst themselves. Will they save her, or encourage her to join them?


Thoughts During the Best Man’s Speech by Samantha Dooey-Miles

During the best man’s speech, the oldest friend of the bride ponders if she’s not been chosen to be a bridesmaid because she slept with the groom years before.


Old Soldier by Michael John McFarlane

George Ramsey fought for King and Country, he lives in the same three bedroomed house he always thought (like his late wife) would allow him to see his days out in but as a result of government changes, pensioners will no longer be exempt from the dreaded bedroom tax. He knows he could never afford to pay for the extra rooms, so, therefore, has become part of the government’s relocation program. With encouragement from his daughters he reluctantly visits the local sheltered housing scheme, where after being highjacked to take part in the weekly quiz he’s left in no doubt that this isn’t the place for him, but with a recent burglary and assault at home, his girls are determined for him to move, they say that neither of them has the room for him, so just where will this old soldier end up…………


Working Classy Women by Fiona Clift

I am a character comedian ad devised theatre maker, that writes from improvisation and develops material at stand up and scratch nights. I would like to Perform a compilation of three classy, working women, and parody the ever popular fringe form of the one-woman show. New characters I would present this evening are Emma Watson fresh from the UN with a new campaign to look after men, to stop them from turning into babies or even puppies. Tracey Emin with her views on finally finding peace with herself, and happiness- when she married a rock in the south of France. Finally, Joanna Lumley pops in to do her sexy thing and let you into a big secret: that that shallow airhead act is all a front.


Macbeth by Rendered Retina Theatre Company

Macbeth is a classic. We all know something about it, even if that is just the title. Rendered Retina want to bring you a new adaptation, the only problem is that there are 21 characters and only three performers… We attempt to breathe new life into this old story; with original songs, a large wooden box and not nearly enough performers. Inspired by the theatre style Commedia dell’Arte and using our unique, highly energetic and accessible style of storytelling, this performance is suitable for the whole family. It is a wonderful opportunity to get audiences excited about Shakespeare again.


There Is No Authority But Yourself by Further Theatre

There Is No Authority But Yourself is a monologue with live musical accompaniment about the highly influential Essex punk band Crass. The monologue follows the story of Crass frontman and co-founder  Steve Ignorant. Steve grew up in Barking in the 70’s wishing he was somewhere else. His interests in poetry and politics brought him into conflict with authority figures and his bewildered parents. One Clash gig and a chance meeting with an ageing hippy later inspired him to become a singer in the most loosest sense of the word. This piece tells the story of how a young man from the most ordinary place was able to find freedom in self-expression. Who through music and writing was able to find his place in the world and sense of belonging. That ultimately there is no authority but yourself. This piece is a mix of live music, storytelling and poetry.



Tue 9 Apr 2019




£5 (+65p QNew Transformation Fee)

Running Time

120 minutes


20 minutes


Foyer Stage

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