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Scratch Night

Six short performances from emerging theatre artists:

“Death To Democracy” – by John Jones

As the result of a general election a right-wing government takes control in Britain.  A man has to decide if he is prepared to step outside the law and take up arms against the democratically elected government.  He decides that he will.

“The Essex Girl Chronicle” – by Lou Brewster & Andy Shore

The Essex Girl Chronicle – one woman’s journey from Essex comprehensive school to the top of the Department of Health, this is the true story of what it’s like to be told you can’t do it and how good it feels to prove them wrong.

“Small Epics” – by Rebecca Brewer

SMALL EPICS is a spoken word story about the massive moments in the every day. It’s about the people we bump in to, and how they shape our lives in ways we never knew.

“Timon of Athens” – by Rendered Retina Theatre

Ever heard of ‘Timon of Athens’? Neither had we! But do not fear, we have everything we need to put on the grandest retelling of Shakepeare’s least talked about play. Using clowning and original songs, 3 performers portray 18 characters and attempt to cement this forgotten gem as a bonified classic.

“Not Disabled Enough” by In Sight Theatre

Not Disabled Enough is a one woman spoken word piece in which actress takes the audience on an autobiographical journey through her experiences of being labelled as ‘disabled’.

“How To Be Alone” by Fiona Clift

HOW TO BE ALONE is a masterclass in monologuing by character comedienne Fiona Clift. Prepare to be wowed, inspired, uplifted and bored in a piece about the most serious and intense form of theatre: THE MONOLOGUE

About the Scratch Night

After last year’s hugely successful Scratch Night, here’s another chance to test your work in front of an audience.  We will give slots of up to 15 minutes, whether your work is text-based, movement, comedy, song or something harder to define.

Designed for emerging theatre-makers and companies in East London and Essex, our Scratch Night is an opportunity to showcase and give/receive feedback to aid the development of new work.  It might be something brand new, or a piece you’ve been working on for a while – this is an opportunity to experiment in a safe environment.


Not sure how you fit in?

Even if we couldn’t offer you a performance slot on this occasion, we’d love to meet you and talk about ways to collaborate on future projects.


Prefer to sit back and watch the drama unfold?

You’re welcome to join us with tickets at just £5!  Our Scratch Night is an invitation into the creative process and a chance to be there at the very beginning.  It’s also a chance to meet the Queen’s Theatre team, have a drink, take a seat and give constructive feedback to the creatives performing.




£5 (+ 65p QNew Transformation Fee)

Running Time

120 minutes


20 minutes


Foyer Stage

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