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Jump the Q Season Ticket – Autumn 2019

Save money with a Jump the Q Season Ticket!

To book your Jump the Queue Season Ticket  Click here 

We start our new season with two shows – the world premiere of Stiletto Beach and the first major revival of So Here We Are – which both feature in a season of Essex Girls and Boys. This is followed by One Man, Two Guvnors, and we end with The Beauty Queen of Leenane 

We have two ways to by our Jump the Q season ticket.

Three shows option – pick from Stiletto Beach or So Here We Are as your first show.

Four shows option – see both Stiletto Beach and So Here We Are.

Does it really save me money?
If you bought the top-price seats (Mon-Thu) for our three shows individually it would cost you £82. Our Saver Jump the Q for three shows is only £45*. That’s a saving of £37! Prefer to come Fri – Sat night? Top price seats for our three shows individually would cost you £88. Our Premium Jump the Q is only £52*. That’s a saving of £36!

Alternatively, you could see all four shows this season for just £12 more.

But what if I only want to see two of the shows?
It would still be cheaper to buy a Jump the Q than to buy the two shows independently. If, for example, you bought top price tickets (Mon – Thu) for Stiletto Beach, and The Beauty Queen of Leenane it would cost you £52*. Jump the Q would still save you £7 so…

What shows does Jump the Q apply to?
Click here for more information.

Offer only runs until 28 Sep.
*(+65p QNew Transformation Fee)


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