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Q Backstage

Urgent replacements will be made to a range of outdated equipment backstage, helping make the theatre more environmentally sustainable, cost-effective and safer to run.

Lighting will be transformed with energy saving fittings throughout and equipment purchased to make it easier to stage and look after the Theatre’s increasing range and volume of productions.


  • The new LED lighting system in the auditorium will help towards a 70% reduction in energy.
  • With zero maintenance costs, it will pay for itself in 5 years.
  • Alongside the energy reduction, it will also help in a COreduction of 7.69 tonnes.
  • The new lighting in the auditorium will improve the light levels whilst maintaining the same ambience.



A new washing machine has been installed in the laundry room which will provide the Wardrobe Manager with better facilities to maintain costumes. We have our own Wardrobe Department where costumes are lovingly created on-site for produced productions.

Our workshop has also had its paint bridge refurbished to increase its longevity, which enables the scenic artists to paint cloths and scenery at height safely. The paint bridge is an asset as there are not many paint bridges left in London.

We have upgraded the auditorium lighting system to use LED lights, giving audiences the benefit of an improved theatrical experience. By converting the current incandescent bulbs to LED lights, we estimate it will reduce total CO2 emissions by 7.5 tonnes annually.

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