Women Who Gave No F****s

Who will you crown Supreme Giver of Absolutely None?

Stand-up storytellers slam down no-holds-barred tales to make you want to rip up the rule book and riot!

We’ve gone digging for lost and forgotten women we think you’ll love.

From Irish pirate queens and naughty pig-wife belly goddesses to sword-wielding nemeses we bring you gob-smacking myths and legends of females outgunning adversity. Wielding wit, brains, cunning, courage, righteous rage and the occasional superpower, these deliciously imperfect women show us just what we can get done when we give absolutely no f***s.


The 1947 partition of India into West Pakistan and East Pakistan – now Bangladesh – saw millions uprooted and resulted in unspeakable violence. It would also shape modern Britain. Witnesses to this brutal moment in history live among us, yet the stories of that time remain shrouded in silence.

SILENCE is a new play focused on communal storytelling – presenting a shared history inspired by the remarkable personal testimonies of people who lived through the last days of the British Raj. Commissioned to mark the 75th anniversary of partition, SILENCE is adapted from Kavita Puri’s acclaimed book Partition Voices: Untold British Stories and was originally co-produced with the Donmar Warehouse.

The production examined the legacy of this brutal moment in history. Abdul Shayek, former Artistic Director of Tara Theatre, directed the original production and had developed this version for touring at the time of his death in August 2023. Iqbal Khan, Artistic Director of the 2022 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, and a friend and colleague of Abdul’s, will step in to direct the touring version.

SILENCE is adapted from the testimonies and stories of people who lived through Partition. It is based on Kavita Puri’s acclaimed book Partition Voices: Untold British Stories and written by Sonali Bhattacharyya, Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti, Ishy Din and Alexandra Wood.

Original production directed and developed for tour by Abdul Shayek Directed by Iqbal Khan.

From an original co-production by Tara Theatre and Donmar Warehouse In association with Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch.


In 2012, Wilko Johnson, the iconic rock star and founder of legendary Essex band Dr Feelgood, was told he had inoperable cancer and a year to live. Refusing all treatment, he decided to spend his last months living meaningfully: seeing the people, places and things which meant most to him during his remarkable life. 

Then, a miracle happened…. 

This world premiere production of a new play – a mixture of words, rock ‘n roll, and quotes from the man himself – tells the amazing, uplifting true story of Wilko, the Canvey Island legend. 

“Anyone who is a fan of Dr Feelgood or Wilko Johnson should see it.”

“10/10 – I want to see it again!”

Jonathan Maitland is a playwright and former journalist having worked for the BBC across Radio 4, BBC News and presenting and producing shows for BBC 1. Maitland’s debut stage play Dead Sheep (2015) produced at Park Theatre became the most successful production in the theatre’s history. This record was broken by his second play also staged at Park Theatre An Audience With Jimmy Saville (2015), which went on to transfer to Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Further works at Park Theatre include Deny Deny Deny (2016) and the box office record breaking The Last Temptation of Boris Johnson (2019) which went on to complete an eight-week national tour in 2020. Most recently, Maitland presented the premiere of his new play The Interview at Park Theatre and his BBC Radio 4 adaptation of Wasps in a Jam Jar in 2023.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream & Twelfth Night: A Shakespeare Double Bill

Four Forty Theatre are back with a British Summertime Shakespeare Double Bill! Twelfth Night and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, both performed in one night by only four actors in forty (ish!) minutes each!

Experience the hilarity of two of the Bard’s best comedies condensed into short, side-splitting shows. In a mere 40 minutes each, they distill the essence of Shakespeare’s masterpieces into uproarious performances. Prepare for an unforgettable night of laughter and with a British Seaside Twist! 2024 will see the company reach more people than ever before and they invite you to join them on their biggest tour to date!

“This is an exceptionally special, hilarious, speedy tour of two of Shakespeare’s arguably greatest plays!”

“Their inimitable style and charisma definitely set them apart as one of the most playfully ambitious theatre groups around!”

“Four Forty Theatre proves that there doesn’t need to be a high value production to provide high quality entertainment!”

Wet Cement

Temporal Horizons Productions in association with Small Steed Theatre present this Arts Council England funded work-in-progress performance.

Ali has left the madness of mainstream education to pursue a more peaceful career as a private tutor. However, when Danny (a neurodivergent man) enlists her help to pass his adult GCSE’s, she is dragged back into a world of stress and scrutiny, as it appears Danny is one of her ex-students who she had a hand in expelling…

Now Danny wants Ali to take accountability for her failings as a teacher. But Ali wants Danny to take accountability for his actions as a student… Can a compromise be reached before either hit breaking point, or will history tragically repeat itself?

“Wet Cement is astute class commentary. Danny is exactly the kind of man dehumanised by society, and the writing does a tremendous job of humanising him with thought and tenderness… A beautiful story of redemption and friendship.” – Bush Theatre

“The characters are richly painted and three-dimensional. The play offers a subtle and artful raising of dramatic stakes, the subtext is uneasy and carries danger to it. This is a skilfully written two hander, which shows real promise.” – National Theatre

Following a short interval this rehearsed reading will include a Q&A with the cast and creatives about issues surrounding accessibility and supporting those who are Neurodivergent. Please stay in your seats at the end of the performance to attend this. 


Temporal Horizons Productions and Small Steed Theatre are two emerging theatre companies who are neurodivergent led and aim to produce work which will provide opportunities to those who often experience barriers within the arts.

Keep up with Temporal Horizons Productions and Small Steed Theatre on their social channels

Chosen Memories

New Short Plays. Local Writers.
Made in Essex, 2023.

What haunts you? Who would you rather forget? What do you choose to remember?

Chosen Memories is a collection of new short plays that explore life and love, echoes of before, and after; painful losses and inspiring stories of moving on.

The evening is a showcase of new writing from members of the ELE Group (East London & Essex Playwriting Group) a playwright-led group that meets at the Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch each month.

The performance is script in hand on The Other Stage with professional director and actors.

Please come along: support local writers and performers. Be entertained. Discover new talent.

The performance will be in support of Crohn’s & Colitis UK (Registered Charity No: 1117148).

A Different Class

Tag’s out with the lads on his last night before he leaves to go to university. The car crawl in Southend. But the empty seat in the car where his mate Luke should be sitting is playing on his mind. That and the fact they’ve agreed to an illegal race at midnight against a Cowboy in a Honda Civic.

A Different Class, by Kenny Emson, explores mental health, masculinity and working-class culture, with a drum and bass soundtrack that “will blow the doors off the theatre”!


A Havering Changing production, in association with Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch


June 2023 marks the end of the Ford Fiesta, an icon of the British Motoring Industry, Fiesta is a new play to celebrate its legacy. Telling stories from Ford Fiesta creators, owners, neighbours, and friends. The people’s play about the people’s car.

Join us for a fiesta for the Ford Fiesta and celebrate the end of an era!

These work-in-progress performances have been made in partnership with the people of Orchard Village, the former housing estate for Ford Factory workers.

Killing Jack

A Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch production


The Autumn of Terror. 1888. When five women are brutally slaughtered in the slum warrens of Whitechapel, the world’s biggest manhunt begins and a legend is born. Jack the Ripper. 

Halloween. 2023. Best mates Jules and Maz are dressed to kill and ready for fun. But on the night of the dead, a shattering event occurs and something awakens in the old bones of Whitechapel. Something dark, something restless…  

Killing Jack, a newly commissioned play from Sadie Hasler (Stiletto Beach, Misfits), is a darkly thrilling plunge into a world where women return to take back their stories; perhaps even to exact their own bloody revenge…

Photos: Mark Sepple

The Invincibles

A Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch production


Known as the Dagenham Invincibles, Sterling Ladies are the greatest women’s football team of World War One. Over two whirlwind seasons they will never lose a game. The New York Herald declares them “The Unbeaten Women Champions of the Country.” Yet in 1919, the factory girls hang up their boots and triumphs fade into obscurity…

In 2023 their war-cry is heard in the roar of the Lionesses. The world has changed, yet the Women’s World Cup evokes The Invincibles joyous spirit. For Hornchurch teenager Maya, it’s the event of the summer. Cheering England from the family sofa, she also conjures up long-lost footballing secrets …

This world premiere play from Amanda Whittington, one of the most widely performed playwrights in the UK, will be written as the World Cup plays out. Like the best football games, we won’t know the result until the final whistle…

Promising thrills and spills, The Invincibles will celebrate both the Lionesses’ epic summer adventure and the pioneering women who played their heart out a century – yet just a heartbeat – before.

The Invincibles Free Sheet 2023


To celebrate the world premiere of The Invincibles, we are delighted to showcase a unique exhibition telling the story of 150 years of women’s football. A world-class collection of memorabilia, the exhibition explores the development of women’s football from the Victorian era to the Women’s World Cup of 2023.

Rare and distinctive items dating from the turn of the century to present day are on display, including items from the women’s football legend Lizzy Ashcroft Collection and her grandson Steve’s personal collection which is packed with culturally significant artefacts.

Photo Credit: Zbigniew Kotkiewicz

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