Havering to bid for London Borough of Culture

Havering London is calling on residents to the back the bid to make Havering London Borough of Culture.

Havering London is a collaboration of organisations which has come together to launch Havering’s bid for London Borough of Culture 2025. The group is made up of Havering Changing, FUSE (Local Cultural Education Partnership), Communicating Havering, Creative Health Havering and Havering Council.

The London Borough of Culture title would bring in millions of pounds of investment. It will create exciting new cultural offers and opportunities for residents and place Havering as a cultural centre for generations to come. 


Co-Chairs of Havering London, David Shearing and Mathew Russell, said:

“We believe it is our time to put Havering firmly on the map of London.

Our vision is to transform Havering into a hub of creative innovation. Unlocked by the £1.35 million grant from the Mayor of London, we will create a legacy that will resonate for generations. This will fuel the change we need to create new opportunities for every part of our borough, allowing us to create a lasting impact through a diverse range of projects.

We are committed to co-creating world-leading artistic events and experiences with our residents, placing people at the heart. We will unlock Havering’s hidden stories and showcase the vibrancy of our community. The goal is to empower everyone, offering pathways to creative careers and opportunities for participation that enhance well-being.

Throughout the journey, we will collaborate with exceptional artists, community groups, and dedicated volunteers who share a passion for Havering’s cultural life.

Now, it’s your turn to have a say. Together, we can help transform Havering to become a beacon of culture. By supporting the bid to become London Borough of Culture, you are championing a brighter, more vibrant future.”

Residents can back the bid at:

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