Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch name Graeae Associate Artists joining their 2022/23 creative leadership team

After the recent announcement regarding Queen's Theatre Hornchurch’s (QTH) creative leadership team for the 2022/23 year, today the Queen’s are delighted to name three more Associate Artists joining the team. From Graeae, the acclaimed and award-winning theatre company championing the best in Deaf and disabled talent, ‎the team will be joined by Kate Lovell, Sonny Nwachukwu and Britny Virginia. They will support leadership in innovation at QTH, helping the venue discover and work with more Deaf and disabled artists from across its wide catchment area, as well as further exploring what digital practice might mean to QTH post pandemic.  “I grew up in the suburbs of London, where arts and culture can often leapfrog over, assuming you have money and means to travel into the city to access culture. I am excited to work at Queen's Theatre Hornchurch which serves the community it sits within, giving access to high quality arts work. It's especially important for me to be an out and proud disabled and neurodivergent artist as I know the importance of representation for the disabled theatre makers of the future.” Kate Lovell, Associate Artist, QTH “I’m so excited to be one of the associates working at Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch. As an artist interested in many aspects of theatre e.g Dance theatre, Chorepoems, and Physical Theatre. I can't wait to work creatively with a wide range of people and make the magic happen. Let's go!” Sonny Nwachukwu, Associate Artist, QTH “My art is expression of my person. And I plan to express my person boldly, loudly and unapologetically for young ones to see they can too. Thank you to Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch and Graeae for this opportunity.” Britny Virgini, Associate Artist QTH “Graeae are delighted to be working with Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch, a venue sharing the same ethos of inclusivity and commitment to developing the next generation of leaders. Over the next year, our associate artists will be collaborating with QTH on a wide range of projects and allowing space and for their work to take centre stage.” Graeae Theatre Company, Creative Associate. All of the 22/23 creative leadership team will work closely with Mathew Russell, Executive Director, and the QTH team, to help further develop and deliver the charity's ambitious ‎plans and will access the organisation and its resources to maximise this developmental opportunity for everyone involved. “We're so pleased to be working with Kate, Sonny and Britny as part of this thrilling new relationship with Graeae. Each of them brings a different and hugely valuable perspective and wide range of experience‎ to the creative leadership of QTH. We're excited to see the new relationships they develop, support the work they want to make happen, and to learn everything possible from their influence on organisational change. It's another brilliant chapter in partnership working for our theatre.” Mathew Russell, Executive Director, Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch.

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