An interview with Jack Scannell-Wood and Jessica Rothon who play Sharon ‘n’ Barry’s nibling in our up-coming comedy drama.

Jack and Jess, from our QYouth programme, are alternating as Sharon ‘n’ Barry’s rather helpful nibling in our up-coming comedy drama Sharon ‘n’ Barry Do ‘Romeo & Juliet’. James Watson, Head of Learning & Participation, took sometime out from assisting them with rehearsals to gain their thoughts on being in a Zoom production, Shakespeare and passing the time in Lockdown.  Jack Scannell-Wood My favourite part of being in the show has been meeting new people and working with David again - he's really funny. I've always been interested in Shakespeare, everyone talks about him. I've enjoyed it a lot more performing the words and learning to understand what they mean and how they feel. I can dive straight into his words now. Doing this on Zoom is very different to being in Macbeth last year. It's been fun to play around with the virtual backgrounds, but I would rather be on the real stage. I miss what happens off stage, being with other performers, and playing games with the chaperones in the dressing room. I am more nervous on Zoom than being in the theatre as there is no-one to help if something goes wrong - but at least I can't accidentally fall off the front of the stage! I've been a member of QYouth for about a year. It's lots of fun. I also love reading fiction books, especially books set around the war. I've done lots of things to make Lockdown fun, like Zoom baking with friends. We all made an Oreo mug cake - it was really tasty. After Lockdown, I'm looking forward to starting my catalogue modelling which I was just starting to do before Coronavirus came. Jessica Rothon  My favourite part of being in the show is getting to do something so different - you don't normally act over Zoom, and as you can't go anywhere in Lockdown, it's nice to still be doing something I enjoy. In year 5 we learnt about Shakespeare and got to see a production in school. Some of the words nobody understood, but it was good. I thought he was strange to begin with, with lots of made-up words but it has been really interesting to learn what they mean and performing them. Acting on Zoom is different to what I was used to doing. You can't do as much but also it's exciting because you can do different things. It was a really short rehearsal time and we had to learn a lot quickly which was good. It will be great to be back on stage and share it with other people. I get more nervous on Zoom because there is more to go wrong - like technology! Even a small problem can be bigger or harder to put right. And, you must  remember your own props and (virtual) backgrounds. I've been a member of QYouth for over 3 years, since I was about 8, and have been in shows such as The T.I.P. and Icarus. When I'm not acting, I like swimming and watching Heartland with my Mum. During the first Lockdown we did family quizzes every week and it was really fun. When Lockdown ends, I am looking forward to going swimming and seeing my swim friends again.

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