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2020 got off to a brilliant start for Queen's Theatre Hornchurch, as thanks to all your efforts, we were awarded The Stage 'London Theatre of the Year', marking the success of 2019. And we were on a spring roll. Half of the audience for our co-production of 'Macbeth' were under 26. 'Maggie May', our world premiere co-production, was going to be a landmark event, having been made with people living with dementia. Our acclaimed co-produced musical 'Once' was touring the country and had already been seen in 9 cities by nearly 40,000 people. But then COVID-19 struck and everything changed for everyone. But we've been determined to fight back ever since and keep playing a vital part in the lives of our community. We're really proud of the remarkable work our team have made happen, all thanks to your extraordinary support. We've remained at the heart of the community, amongst other things, delivering online Sing-A-Longs and Seated Dance Classes to over 100,000 viewers, taking over the theatre for summer holiday workshops, working each week with looked after children, recording and broadcasting Tiny Plays written in community playwriting classes, and keeping our 200 Youth Theatre members active and creative. We've premiered our first YouTube streaming, of 'The Hired Man'; broadcast nightly from an empty stage 'Here I Am', lovingly pieced together from 1,000 lockdown stories collected from our audiences; especially commissioned four writers to collaborate on the premiere of 'Misfits', streamed 12 times, acclaimed by critics and nominated for an #OnComm award And we've been offering a lifeline to a growing network of creative practitioners, through weekly skill sessions, and free space, engaging 1,100 artists. Throughout September and October we staged performances for families, people experiencing dementia and those seeking life enhancing entertainment during some pretty bleak times. But despite all this, COVID-19 has still been having an impact on the charity financially, due to Tier 3 restrictions. We couldn't have got through the year without generous donations from audiences, and vital support from funders. As we look towards a brighter and ever more ambitious 2021, if at this festive time of year you can help a little bit more, by donating to QRenew, joining us as a Queen's Angel or gifting a dear one a named seat, we'd so love to hear from you. Each penny will be invested back into brilliant theatre making for everyone throughout next year and beyond. But in the meantime, whether you've already donated or can do so again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for continuing to support our vital work, lovingly made for and with you, and wish you the very best for the festive season.

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QRenew We’ll be back, hopefully playing an even bigger part in your lives as soon as we can, supporting QRenew will allow us to invest in our community to make great theatre.

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Become a Queen's Angel Queen’s Angels are those who regularly support our work by making monthly donations, enabling the Theatre’s wide ranging programme, particularly work with young people and the community, investing in and nurturing artistic talent and making theatre accessible.Become a Queen's Angel and receive unique membership benefits.
Name A Seat Naming a seat is a unique and meaningful way to celebrate yours, or a loved one’s, passion for theatre and help support our inspiring work on stage and in the community. Find out more here.

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