Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch awarded Government Cultural Recovery Funding

Queen's Theatre Hornchurch (QTH) is delighted to have been one of the 1,300 cultural organisations across the country today‎ awarded Government Cultural Recovery Funding. This award is an incredibly valuable lifeline at a crucial time for arts organisations like the Theatre‎ and recognises the vital role QTH plays at the heart of the local community, as a regionally significant player and as a key contributor to the national cultural infrastructure too. We're so very grateful to the DCMS and Arts Council England for the support and vote of confidence, and to everyone else who has donated so generously and helped to keep the Theatre afloat since March 2020. But particularly given recent developments and restrictions, there is much more to do to help charities like QTH survive, recover and thrive again in the future. This invaluable award represents 5% of last year's turnover, but despite this the charity will still lose out on more than £3 million of income this year. So audiences and supporters are encouraged to do everything they can to keep supporting their local theatre ‎- by booking tickets for now and into the future, donating where they can, using the Cafe and spreading the word that the Theatre is open, COVID-19 Secure and looking forward to increasingly getting back into business.

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