Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch runners are raising money for Dementia Friendly work

Queen's Theatre Hornchurch have an amazing team running the Brentwood Half Marathon & Fun Run on Sunday 15 March all to raise vital funds for the theatre's Dementia Friendly shows including our next production Maggie May and foyer performances, Down Memory Lane. Dementia is one of the leading challenges facing older people and their families today and we understand the positive impact theatre can have on their lives in relieving stress and loneliness, stimulating cognitive function and the senses, regaining a sense of self and aid in the communication to carers and family members. You can support our fantastic runners Doug (Artistic Director), Sara (Trustee), Lauren & Holly (Admin), Peter (Head of Facilities), Alison (Chaperone) and Tom (Fundraising) will all be running. You can find our donation page here

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