Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch sheds light on latest QNew developments

Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch has updated its auditorium lighting in a bid to be more environmentally friendly, and to increase the visibility for audiences pre and post show in the auditorium. This is the most recent development in the Theatre’s QNew programme, which celebrates the Theatre’s 65th Birthday with a refreshing facelift for artists, participants and audiences alike. The Theatre has upgraded its auditorium lighting system to use LED lights, giving its audiences the benefit of an improved theatrical experience. By converting its current incandescent bulbs to LED lights, the Theatre estimates it will reduce total CO2 emissions by 7.5 tonnes annually. The upgrade is funded by contributions from the Theatre’s introduction of a 65p QNew Transformation fee on the Theatre’s 65th birthday, Friday 21 September 2018. Customers have already helped the Theatre raise a public contribution towards QNew of £65,230.50 Christine Piper, Head of Production at Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch, says: ‘Over the summer we changed the lights in the auditorium over to energy-efficient LED lights. As well as saving on electricity it has also allowed us to get a brighter, more even coverage of lighting over the seats and gangways.’ QNew is an exciting programme of building improvements which will allow the Theatre to make high quality theatre in developed spaces, work with more young people and community groups, offer an increasingly comfortable experience to audiences, be more open and accessible to D/deaf and disabled people, and keep the Theatre alive as a safe and environmentally friendly community hub, well into the future.

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