We can finally announce the line-up for our Scratch Night

We are at last able to announce the line-up for our Scratch Night, taking place on Tue 1 Oct. Come see, discuss and feedback on the developing work of local artists, playwrights and performers.   Washed Up by Miranda Wilkie Lei, an up-and-coming playwright, and her girlfriend, Kay, brave a storm of social media outrage when Lei is accused of plagiarising another writer. Kay is forced to examine their relationship when she suddenly begins to see Lei for who she really is, while Lei scrambles to save her career above all else. Set across a week, Washed Up, follows the couple through the ebb and flow of a modern scandal. It dissects the intricacies of ‘cancel culture’, identity politics and public shaming, and the toll they all take on a relationship. Instagram: The Life Changing Magic of Selling a Lamp by Kate Austen - No Fixed Address The Life Changing Magic of Selling a Lamp is a play about finding meaningful connection in the modern world and discovering this in the least expected of places; from accidental drunken voice-noting to communal tables at Wagamamas and accessing God in Ikea. We live in a society where you can interact with Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, emails and entertainment all at once. We have fast-paced connection at our fingertips but how often do we really make a meaningful connection where we feel understood and valued? Through the fog of all the many voices, two performers declutter their minds and experience the power of female friendship. The play evolved out of a series of real voice notes that Georgina and Kate sent to each other and so is partly verbatim. @FixdNo   From the Ashes by Claire Jared - Mad Stallion Productions Edward and George are taking Kirsty, Edward’s wife and George’s dear old friend, on a final farewell tour of her old stomping grounds. Well, what remains of her anyway. As in, her actual remains! This poignant and heartwarming story follows Edward and George’s journey to lay their beloved Kirsty’s soul to rest in some rather unusual places. Written by Andrew Sharpe, My name is Cathy and Meet me at the Nightingale, this succinct, short play is a witty, dark comedy which reminds us that no matter how dark the circumstances in life, there will always be humour. @Madstallionpro        @JaredClaire              @LauraSociety   Squad Goals by Michelle Payne - Caspa Arts It’s summer and everyone has World Cup fever, but not in the usual way. The Lionesses are tearing up pitches and making a name for the female game. Lexi, who has never been taken seriously, inspires a group of school leavers to redefine the game in her hometown in Essex. Twitter / Facebook / Instagram - caspaarts   Tom Brooks by Tom Brooks I’m in the process of writing, recording and producing an album of 10 original songs – of which I have selected 3-4 songs from my upcoming album to perform as unplugged acoustic renditions. I’ve been composing material since 2013 – forming a band “Santa Fe Samplers” in 2014, and performing originals and covers at The Hermit, Fairkytes Live, charity events at the Essex Arms and the Havering Show. I draw from an eclectic mix of music genres, but my overarching style is rock – my strongest influences being Nirvana, Biffy Clyro and Foo Fighters. Youtube -   I just want to get to work by Adenike Ojo Sophie is pressured at work, which is only aggravated by her horrendous journey into work.  She results to Yoga and daily affirmations to help her anxiety. As an audience we are privy to the unwritten bus stop rule which is sacredly guarded, intimate conversations, characters we may have encountered on our daily commute, such as “the early morning dozer”, “the MUA with a steady hand”, “the immovable passenger”, etc. The slights which we would ordinarily let go of, ignore or fail to comment upon (to prevent rocking the boat or the train being delayed) are faced head-on, directed to individuals we share a confined space with for a short period of time and will possibly never see again. Although set in Harold Wood, exploring the shift and change in characters if the setting was in Africa, India, France or a subway in the US would be an adventure.

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