Queen’s Theatre receives £5,000 of Capital funding from Equity Charitable Trust

The Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch is delighted to announce it has been awarded a £5,000 capital funding grant from the Equity Charitable Trust towards upgrading its green room facilities as part of its QNew Transformation Programme. These funds will be combined with the £5,000 grant the Theatre received in February from Theatre Trusts’ London Small Theatres Grants Scheme to make the space more accessible. With rehearsals now taking place for the Queen’s Theatre’s produced work in its newly built rehearsal space on-site, the Theatre is striving to encourage D/deaf and disabled persons to be better represented on its main stage. This investment towards making the green room more accessible and suited to their needs will play a vital role in making users feel welcome and offer them a practical space to relax and socialise with others. This will involve purchasing new equipment and making adaptions to its current kitchen layout with adjustable fittings and appliances to accommodate everyone’s needs. Milton Johns, Chairman at Equity Charitable Trust says, ‘I played the Queen’s Theatre back in the sixties and I am delighted it is still going strong and that we at the Equity Charitable Trust are able to help with this admirable work.’ Mathew Russell, Executive Director at the Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch says, ‘We’d like to say a massive thank you to the Equity Charitable Trust for this generous grant. The funds will make an important contribution towards improving the accessibility of our green room for actors, creatives and staff to enjoy for years to come.’ QNew is an exciting programme of building improvements which will allow the Theatre to make high quality theatre in developed spaces, work with more young people and community groups, offer an increasingly comfortable experience to audiences, be more open and accessible to D/deaf and disabled people, and keep the Theatre alive as a safe and environmentally friendly community hub, well into the future. In addition to its newly built rehearsal space, the project has delivered a stylish new Q Bar on the ground level, offering better accessibility for audiences, a number of urgent and essential backstage improvements as well as developments towards the creation of a new Learning & Participation Space in the lower foyer. For more information about QNew click here.

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