Interview with Suzan Sylvester – Kindertransport

Oliver-Award winning actress Suzan Sylvester is playing Evelyn in Diane SamuelsKindertransport. She is excited to be returning to the production, which marks the 25th anniversary of the playwright’s heart-felt play, having performed as Faith in the premiere production in 1993. Suzan is best known for appearing in the BBC TV drama Cherished and crime thriller Murder on the Home Front. Other TV credits include EastEnders, Kingdom and London’s Burning. She reveals more about the play, Kindertransport and how it has been working with an international cast and creative team. 1) For those that don’t know the play, can you tell us what Kindertransport is about? ‘History - Kindertransport, the children. Relationships between mother and daughter and about children as refugees who have to leave their homeland in order not to be killed.’ 2) You starred in the original production of Kindertransport in 1993, how does it feel to be returning to the show and playing a different role? ‘I feel lucky I am able to revisit this 25 years older with a different perspective.’ 3) Can you tell us about your character Evelyn and why you took on this role? ‘I wanted to play ‘mother’ as a tribute to my dear friend Elizabeth Bell who played Evelyn in the original production for Soho Theatre. I am also fascinated to work in a multi-national cast!’ 4) How has the rehearsal process been so far? ‘Really good! Very much enjoying working with a multi-lingual cast!’ 5) Who are your idols? ‘My aunt Suzan, My Grandmother, My Mother, Leonard Bernstein, George Michael. I admire Millar, Shakespeare, Gershwin.’ 6) If you hadn't become an actor, what would you have done? ‘I wanted to be a pilot until I found out you need maths and physics. Other than that teaching is close to my heart.’ 7) What have you seen on stage recently? ‘Arcola - Insignificance, Hampstead’s Christmas play. In Luxembourg: Dancing Grandmothers, Révolte and Strangers.’ 8) What would your dream role be? 'A really good Comedy' 9) What do you do to unwind in your spare time? 'Painting, Gardening, Cooking, Walking and drinking Guinness' Kindertransport runs at the Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch from 8 – 24 March. For more information and tickets call the Box Office on 01708 443333 or click here

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