Queen’s Theatre launches Women’s Stories of Ford Dagenham video

The Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, is set to launch a very exciting audio and visual exhibition inspired by local voices, Women’s Stories of Ford Dagenham. Women’s Stories of Ford Dagenham celebrates the exceptional women who worked at Ford Dagenham between 1968-1984 who fought for women's equal pay. The strikes of 1968 and 1984 influenced history by revolutionising women’s rights and is still significant in today’s local community. Join us to celebrate their wonderful stories and remarkable achievements. The Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch recruited and trained 10 young women from the local community to interview and record stories from over 50 machinists, Ford Dagenham workers, family and friends. Discover the friendships forged, the good times spent and the hardships fought whilst on the picket line striving for equality. The documentary video will showcase an eclectic range of transcripts, stories and personal photographs, exploring how far we have come since those cold winter days and how much further we must go to achieve equal rights for all. Following the Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch’s critically acclaimed premiere of Made In Dagenham last year, the documentary will enable a physical passing down of history from one generation of women to the next. The documentary can be watched in full here: The exhibition will tour to local venues, starting at the Havering Museum from 8 – 17 February and finishing at the Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch from 16 – 29 May. The full tour schedule is as follows:

8 Feb -17 Feb | Havering Museum

20 Feb - 6 Mar | Dagenham Library

7 Mar - 26 Mar | Valence House Museum

27 Mar - 18 Apr | Brentwood Road Gallery, Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls

18 Apr - 1 May | Romford Central Library

2 May - Fri 12 May | Rainham School for Girls

16 May - 29 May | Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch

The exhibition is open to the general public. For more information about the exhibition, call the Box Office on 01708 443333 or visit

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