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The Witchfinder’s Sister

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Extracts from the script relating to the below are available upon request.

Brief mentions of miscarriage, an accidental death of a child and a stillbirth scene. MORE LESS

There are brief mentions of losing babies, a brief description about how a baby died after being stung by a large bee, and one scene of a woman giving birth to a child that doesn’t survive. Visually you see a large bloodstain on her skirt and the character going through the motions of giving birth. None of this is graphic or very detailed.

Brief mentions of rape and/or sexual assault MORE LESS

The narrative suggests that some women were rapped and/or sexually assaulted. It is only brief mentions, and nothing detailed.

A scene of a death by drowning MORE LESS

One of the characters requests to be tested to decide if she’s a witch or not by seeing if she ‘swum’ or ‘sunk’. In the scene the audience are show how this is all carried out and they see the outcome. She is tied by ropes.

Abuse (physical, mental and emotional) MORE LESS

The audience briefly hear how the women who are being tried as witches are interrogated. Alice’s brother is controlling towards women throughout the production. He also stamps on Alice’s foot as well as grabbing her arm tightly.

Burning (inc. child suffers accidental injury) MORE LESS

A brief description of a child being injured by being accidentally burnt, witches being burnt to death. Visually, one of the adult characters has burn scars to one side of their face.

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