GLAMOROUS, gleeful and glorious! Priscilla Queen of the Desert is simultaneously wildly entertaining, compassionate, and – at times – sobering.

The musical, directed by Queen’s artistic director Douglas Rintoul, is vibrantly colourful and outrageously fun.

However, beneath all the glitz and glam are multiple powerful and poignant moments.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert is a moving tale about companionship, identity and family.

Written by Stephan Elliott and Allan Scott, Pricilla tells the tale of three drag queens and their journey across the Australian Outback.

The cast deliver the shows most prominent message – to be who you are and be proud of who you are – with fantastic performances across the board.

Daniel Bailey’s energy as Felicia is contagious, Mark Inscoe is both gracefully poised and cuttingly sharp as Bernadette, and Tom Giles is heart-warming as Mitzi.

The set is wonderfully crafted, the highlight of which is a massive (and mobile) bus, called Priscilla. which quite literally serves as the stories narrative vehicle.

The sound-track is a well-crafted selection of uplifting hits from Tina Turner to Kylie Minogue delivered with verve and gusto.

The show somewhat suffers from a disjointed flow early on but quickly settles into a satisfying rhythm.

Overall Priscilla Queen of the Desert is an absolute bundle of joy empowered by touching human moments and sobering poignancy.

The show is playing until May 26 at Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch.

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