A FOX on the Fairway, the latest show to hit Queen’s Theatre in Hornchurch, will not leave audiences feeling under par.

The play, written by Ken Ludwig, focuses on rival golf clubs competing to win an annual tournament.

As Quail Valley president Henry Bingham (played by Damien Matthews) goes to ever more drastic lengths to defeat counterpart Dickie Bell (Simon Lloyd), audiences are treated to farcical comedy.

Although the story is based around golf, expert knowledge of the game is not required to enjoy the performance, which is mostly focused around events off the course.

The main protagonists are ably supported by Romayne Andrews and Ottilie Mackintosh, who play young lovers Louise and Justin.

Frictions in their relationship create much hilarity, as Bingham desperately tries to keep star golfer Justin happy to try and win the tournament.

Both Matthews and Natalie Walter, who plays Pamela Peabody, put in excellent performances, with the latter’s antics providing the biggest laughs on the night.

Sarah Quist also puts in a good turn as Bingham’s frustrated wife Muriel.

There are few moments that will have you in uncontrollable laughter, but it is a type of comedy that will make you smile throughout and keep audiences richly entertained.

A Fox on the Fairway is at Queen’s Theatre, in Billet Lane, until September 16.

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