AUDIENCES are sure to be entertained as a classic Agatha Christie story comes to Queen’s Theatre in Hornchurch.

Based on The Secret Adversary, the first tale to feature Tommy and Tuppence, Partners in Crime features all the mystery and suspense you’d expect.

It also offers helpings of music, comedy and even the odd magic trick.

Following a chance encounter, Tommy and Tuppence – unemployed following the end of the First World War – embark upon an adventure to solve a mystery that could have major significance for the future of 1920s Britain.

Richard Holt and Naomi Sheldon are strong in their performances as the unlikely heroes, easy to warm to and with a good chemistry.

They are backed up by a very able supporting cast, frequently changing roles and playing musical instruments.

The story moved at a fast pace but was never at all confusing – and even if there were parts that the audience struggled to follow, a witty catch-up (including some rather clever magic) was provided after the interval to put everyone on track.

The performance also featured the occasional musical number, the most notable and impressive being a medley of money-themed songs.

If a little slow to get going, the production soon blossomed into a very enjoyable watch that kept you guessing until the very end.

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