I had a great evening’s entertainment at the Queen’s Theatre last night at their latest production Worst Wedding Ever. Billed as a hilarious comedy, it was all of that and much more.

Rachel and Scott are getting married. They’re also buying a house together. But when the house price goes up, their plans for a dream wedding have to be downsized. Rachel’s mother, however, has other ideas. What if the family could join forces and make it a wedding to be proud of? With a marquee in the back garden, the pub band and two fully-functioning portable loos, surely the day will pass without a hitch?

The first act sets the scene and introduced the characters with a battle of wits between Mother (wonderfully played by Julia Hills) and daughter Rachel (played by the delightful Elisabeth Hopper) over who was in control of the wedding arrangements.

The writer Chris Chibnall, best known for the TV series Broadchurch, skilfully develops the plot in which we see the control gradually slipping from Rachel to her Mother, and family conflicts and secrets cleverly revealed.

In fact the entire cast of characters including Rachel’s sister, her Father, the Groom and a handsome vicar, are very nicely developed throughout.

Worst Wedding Ever really gathers pace after the interval. It is the day of the wedding and we are taken from the poignant to some hilarious goings on involving nightmare neighbours, eggs, flour, two sleepy dogs, a portaloo and much more. A long lost brother turns up and more family secrets, tragedies and troubles are revealed. Throughout the piece we are also entertained by an excellent Wedding band with some carefully chosen songs to compliment the plot, and a very clever set design that kept the audience guessing where the band were going to turn up next!

This is a skillful and thoughtful piece of writing, and as well as being funny, poignant, and riotous, above all it is hugely entertaining. The writer must have a deep understanding of family life with lines like “Nobody gets out of a family unscathed!”

Worst Wedding Ever runs at The Queens Theatre Hornchurch until 1st April and you can get tickets from the Queens Theatre Box Office on 01708 443333 or online at www.queens-theatre.co.uk

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