Scott and Rachel only want a modest wedding; a registration office, close family and a pub lunch, but when the bride’s parents get involved it is quickly obvious that this will not be simple

Television writer Chris Chibnall, was recently picked as the head writer for the next series of Doctor Who and is known for his work on the science fiction series Torchwood and ITV detective series Broadchurch and he brings some of that television show feeling to the stage in the form of ‘Worse Wedding Ever’. With music interludes, amazing one-liners and plot twists; ‘Worse Wedding Ever’ is a show that is bound to have you laughing and crying, most likely at the same time.

The set was a work of art, with the house arrangement mostly on show, with simple additions as the show progressed. What I enjoyed most about the set was the amount of cubbyholes, the band would appear at random from certain areas of the stage and their appearance would always cause a laugh.

There are some top range actors in the show, many of whom have appeared in TV shows such as Doctor Who, Holby City and Game of Thrones. I enjoyed Nav Sidhu’s performance as Scott, the groom. I really related with his character’s attempt to remain calm as everyone tells him what to do and the whole world crumbles around him.

Elizabeth Hopper, who plays Rachel, was very much the centre of the show as she tried to hold the whole thing together. Elizabeth Cadwallader did well as Alison, Rachel’s sister and she had a real rapport with both Rachel and Julia Hills, who plays their mother. The acting talents of the two daughters and mother really helped the impression that you were watching a real family on stage.

Julia Hills did well as the mother character of Liz, who takes over the show. She reminded me of Hyacinth Bucket from ‘Keeping up appearances’, trying to keep up the façade even though the family has nothing. Derek Frood played Mel, the other side of the coin and his role seemed small at first but he soon steps up providing some of the largest laughs of the night with the energy and loudness of his character.

Ben Callon plays the role of the vicar (Andy); this character really reminded me of Douglas from the IT crowd, he had the same arrogant accent and pretentious attitude. I felt it hard to get this thought out of my head during the show and picture him as a member of the cloth.

This was a cracking show and will have you laughing most of the night, when you are not crying. The whole performance proves that ‘no one comes out of a family unscathed’

‘Worse Wedding Ever’ is a show that has the impression that it could easily be on TV and has something for everyone. I have already recommended it to a few of my friends who have not been to the theatre in a while as an introduction back to the theatre.

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