Cinderella is this year’s panto at The Queen’s Theatre and we were lucky enough to be invited along with my 4-year-old girl

We had seen some of the set designs online but this had still not prepared us for the big glittery stage and my daughter was especially excited when she saw the name Cinderella in huge letters. The set designs were extremely extravagant and well designed using cartoonish drawings for each set, at the same time this did not distract you from the main characters.

The fairy Godmother (Played by Etisyai Philip) and Buttons (Alex Tomkins) was our companion throughout the night as The Fairy Godmother narrated the story and showed us her magic while Buttons confined in us his love for Cinderella. There was lots of audience interaction, including a mad party at the end, toilet roll cannon and sing along.

The two stepsisters (Played by Carl Patrick & Simon Pontin) did a good job of torturing both Cinderella and us with their singing. But the actors at The Queen’s Theatre once again showed their musical talents, there were lots of popular songs sung by all the characters throughout the night including artists such as James Blunt, Blues Brothers and Adele. Most of the actors played instruments on stage and there was even a trombone/saxophone showdown between Cinderella (Natasha Lewis) and The evil step mother (Georgina Field).

My favourite characters of the night were Prince Charming (Jamie Noar) and Dandini (Jonathan Charles) as their humour seemed to be more suited to the older members of the audience. There was something funny for everyone in the night but at points it did seem a little segregated, you could see which section of the audience each joke was aimed at, but the audience came together more in laughter as the night progressed.

Of course Panto would not be panto without the young people who help with the dancing, singing and acting did a great job, adding to the feeling of the night.

Overall it was a good family fun night and the final word goes to my daughter:

Cinderella has always been my favourite princess and so daddy told me that we were going to see her at The Queen’s Theatre, I was extremely excited and told all my friends. Putting on my Cinderella dress and taking my Cinderella doll along with me on the night, I was ready for a fairy tale themed evening and I loved the funny people and glittery stage.  That step mother was mean and did not like us, she makes Cinderella cry, the step- sister where funny and very very ugly but Cinderella is a very beautiful princess I loved her singing and her blue dress. I do love visiting the Queens Theatre.

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