Priscilla Queen of the Desert is a Simple yet moving story about a trio of unlikely performers, two Sydney drag artists and a retired Les Girl who claims to be the original man dressed up as a woman and lip-syncing.

The trio set off trekking across the desert in a battered bus named Priscilla to perform at an Alice Springs casino, all with their own motives for making the move.

Tick played by Tom Giles, feels out of sorts and tired of the drag act life in Sydney, having promised to put on a show for his former wife decides to head back home to finally meet his son and encourages his friends to go with him.

Joining him is Bernadette, who needs a distraction from her grief of losing her husband and a renewed outlook on life. Mark Inscoe reprises the role from west end with aplomb.

And finally Adam/ Felicia played by Daniel Bailey, who wants to live out a lifelong dream which is to belt out Kylie hits on top of Ayres Rock.

Along their journey is where most of the adventure happens, a path of discovering identity, belonging and acceptance which is really the theme for the show.

Our drag queen trio poignantly hit home the difficulties that their lifestyle choices can face, at the same time driving the uplifting and heart-warming story with flamboyant sassiness and snappy one liners.

Against the backdrop of their tour bus, which magnificently moves around the set in many ways, almost becoming their stage, they perform numerous dance floor favourites that had the audience singing and dancing in their seats.

The hits songs also benefit from the addition of a ‘community chorus’ /actor-musician ensemble who add to the glitz and ‘loudness’ of the whole night.

Two of which deserve further individual credit, Michael Cuckson who plays the loveable and endearing Bob, the mechanic who captures Bernadette’s heart and Miracle Chance his ping pong shooting wife, who hilariously entertains the audience, stealing the limelight from the drag queens for her part.

Queen’s Theatre’s Artistic Director Douglas Rintoul said

It’s a great story of friendship and empowerment and is packed full of top tunes, fierceness, fun and poignancy – what more could one ask for?

And I have to agree with him it is a spectacularly fun and feel good night out.

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert runs at the Queen’s theatre until 26 May

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