A fresh new production at the Queens Theatre, Hornchruch.  The story is written by Diane Samuels, tells the story of a personal account of Eva, just 9 years old and one of the first to leave her parents behind in Germany to embark on a journey alone to England just before the war breaks out.

I cannot imagine how impossible that was for her parents to want their child to have a chance to grown in a safer environment, however for Eva and many like her to be so young and to travel on the train alone, going so far with a number round your neck like a parcel on route.  The production captures the sensitivity and delivers a heart felt tale that I truly believe wakes up your senses to make you understand the pain.  The emotion was strong in the performances.

This is more than a historical drama it is an opportunity to feel one woman’s fight to be strong and adapt with her new life.  The play weaves in and out of different time periods and we explore her memories of her difficult childhood and watch this continue with her skeletons in her cupboard.

The cast were fantastic, Leila Schaus makes her debut to the UK in this production formerly from Luxembourg.  I thought she played the part well.  Suzan Sylvester played her grown up counter part Evelyn.  She has had much experience in the tv industry including Eastenders, Holby City and Casulty.  I loved the way the production weaved in and out of the different time periods.

The production explores the challenges faced by parents then and now and leaves plenty of room for you to think about how you may have dealt with things faced with extreme challenges of war.  I think a thought provoking drama is one that will impact you long  after you watch it.

The show being released just after international Women’s Day, brings home the relevance of the story.  The director Anne Simon did a smashing job of delivering the two different time frames and the cast timings were impeccable.

I really enjoyed this timeless show, it got me thinking about how hard the times were and how the events left scars for life but I also felt very proud of those that over come their personal challenges.

This is a truly inspirational show.

By Annette Flewitt

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