A wonderful new production is now showing at the Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch.

A Fox on the Fairway is a clever and very funny farce.  A comedy with characters you can easily connect with while laughing at the plots and gags along the way.  The show was written by American playwright Ken Ludwig, a two time winning playwright.

The play revolves around the private country club and the fairways.  Unfortunately for the club has not been lucky winning tournaments, but surely with a new player joining the club things must be on the up?  At least President, Henry Bingham, (Damien Mathew) thought so at last with his new player and new assistant this had to be his year.  But if it was that easy it wouldn’t be a farce.

A farce is not your regular comedy things have a habit of going wrong.  In the meantime little does the president know another new employee Justin is in love with his waitress Louise, adding more surprises to the story.

Richard ‘Dickie’ Bell was one of those smug guys who would stop at nothing to win the tournament, and enjoyed nothing more than rubbing the presidents nose in it.  A little wager against the game seemed like a natural thing to do until you include using your wife’s shop as part of It.  Muriel Bingham (Sarah Quist) a very strong woman.  She did an excellent job of keeping her husband on his toes.

The president has to deal with the club tournament with a heavy wager running on it, an engagement, a surprise love, and not forgetting the wife!

Natalie Peabody, reminded me of Dorien the character from birds of a feather, with her sexy characteristics and her love for men, especially the president.  She was brilliant.   She said:  “Golf and sex are the only two things you can enjoy without being good at them.”

Louise Hindbedder,  (Ottilie Macintosh) was my favorite character because she was so extreme,  a little bit crazy but innocent with it.  Justin Hicks (Romayne Andrews) was the  love of Louise’s life with a hidden talent that would soon become a requirement to keep his job.

I thoroughly enjoyed this Ace production!

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