It is a time to celebrate with this brand new production showing at the Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch.  It is a hilarious comedy about a young couple in love and wishing to simply tie the knot.  Rachel and Scot want to keep things simple and relatively cheap however Rachel’s mother has bigger ideas. Scott constantly reminds his fiance to stick to the plan.  This falls upon deaf ears  with the soon to be mother in law planning away things,  were getting bigger by the hour.

The story captured many events and themes relevant to a large audience, rarely does a wedding go quite to plan after all everyone has something to bring to table not just their contribution to the buffet.  The events that followed brought about a sense of fun and commotion.  However the play touched on serious relevant issues which are possibilities within any relationships.  The strong story line had me gripped as it weaved into one scenario  into another but there was always another joke to put the smiles  back.

The cast were all incredible, a joy to watch them bring their characters to their fullest potential.  Derek Frood, father of the bride was a very funny man.  A typical dad, understood what he should do to keep the peace.  Julia Hills was incredibly strong holding out to her ideals of how her daughter should have her wedding day.  Somewhat scheming  stopping at nothing to win the cause.  Elisabeth Hopper with an incredible amount of experience lead the production as the bride to be.  She was devoted to her true love but became distracted with their plans under the force of her mother.  It must be said she put up an amazing battle.  My favorite character it must be said was the vicar.  Kieran Hill or ‘Grahame’s’ the name he must of said more than once.  Not your usual type, devoted to his work,  plus a glass of gin to get him through the stresses and strains of Rachel’s family.  I liked his character somewhat different to how you would imagine.  Who wouldn’t want a sister like Alison, played by Elizabeth Cadwallader, so much passion for her character an almost divorcee with so much bitterness and sadness to be witnessed on stage.  Nav Sidhu, the groom trained locally at the East 15 acting school kept his cool throughout trying to support his bride to be.

The band played some lovely little numbers to add to the joyous show.  I liked  the stage being set up representing  the beautiful quirky country garden.

Ending on a beautiful and touching moment between the couple with  a great track written by the Snow Patrol ‘Just say yes’ playing out.

The show delivered everything despite being just a handful of actors they had it all covered.  From sleeping dogs to egging the neighbours everything you could imagine went  down.  Things were  out of control, poor Rachel and Scott.  This could really be the worst wedding ever.  One thing is for sure I will remember this wedding for a long time it was probably the funniest wedding I have ever attended. Send out the invites this is a wedding not to be missed.

Recommended for audiences aged 12 and over due to the occasional swear word.

By Annette Gregory

For tickets contact the Queen’s Theatre 01708 443333

The production is showing until 1st April 2017.

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