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‘A poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage’: Famous Macbeths

Before our fabulous Paul Tinto (star of 1917 and Outlander) played the doomed Scottish general, he was portrayed by several icons of stage and screen.         Orson Welles plays the eponymous tyrant in one of the first screen adaptations of Shakespeare’s tragedy. In typical Welles fashion, he also directed and produced the […]

‘Our duties are to your throne’: Macbeth as political upheaval   

“Most sacrilegious murder hath broke ope/ The Lord’s anointed temple and stole thence/ The life o’ th’ building” – Macbeth: Act II, scene III Perhaps the fundamental theme Shakespeare explores in Macbeth is the difference between good kingship and bad. In it, Shakespeare illustrates what makes a king a good ruler and what makes him a […]

Interview with Macbeth director, Douglas Rintoul

We spoke to Douglas Rintoul, director of Macbeth, to find out more about this epic thriller. What’s your vision for the play? To destigmatize Shakespeare. So many audience members will be seeing Macbeth or even a Shakespeare, and I think that’s brilliant. It’s so vital that we can make the narrative as accessible as possible, not by […]

‘The Scottish Play’: Tracing the curse of Macbeth

The Scottish play has long been haunted by the spectre of its famous curse. So feared is the ‘curse of Macbeth’ that even uttering the dreaded word inside a theatre is thought to have terrible consequences. The superstition surrounding Macbeth stretches back as far as its first performance – or so Max Beerbohm would have […]

‘Told by an Idiot’: Macbeth for Beginners

Never seen Macbeth before or forgotten your high school English classes? Don’t panic, we have a quick run-through of the plot to bring you up to speed… Beware of spoilers! Macbeth and Banquo, celebrated generals in the service of King Duncan of Scotland, are returning victorious from battle when they are hailed by three witches […]

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