It feels almost like tempting fate but is that the sound of the world switching back on we hear?

It has been a ridiculously tough 15 months for everyone.  Whether it has been felt in small or large ways we don’t think any of us are quite the same as we were in March 2020.  As artists the pandemic has affected our world and work profoundly, taking away our audience, our community and our ability to share the beautiful things we make, live.

But, as the world begins to wake up again, QTH want to offer a little support where we can for Outer East London or South Essex based artists to set out on this new chapter with a sense of possibility and potential.

We are inviting proposals from any artist, in any medium, that:
– help you move you practice or career forward post-pandemic
– that signify crossing a new frontier to you.  That might be doing something in a new way, reaching out to a new audience or learning a new skill to help your career.  Anything. Just new to you.
If you don’t want to, you don’t have to make anything new.  This is not about commissioning you to make work, though you can if you want.  It is about commissioning you to do something to move yourself forward.

We only ask for four things:
– that you live in Outer East London or South Essex
– that you define yourself as a ‘professional’ artist
– that your proposal involves taking us up on one of our resources, offered below
– That your proposal involves you interacting in real life with a new person in your community (don’t think too hard about this; it could be us, it could be a local printer, just someone.)

– Creative information, advice and guidance sessions with our Associate Producer and other members of staff where available
– Desk space to write that application, re-draft that play, finish editing that piece of music or whatever you might need it for* with access to unlimited hot drinks**
– Use of our Artist Space rehearsal and workshop studio*
– Performance, scratch or public facing time, including at:
– Outer Limits Scratch Night
– Havering Changing’s Big Summer Of Outdoor Arts
– Outer Limits Thurrock

Please submit a proposal of no longer than 250 words with a CV to detailing what you want to spend the money on to move yourself forward across a new frontier.  Commission amounts will be between £1 and £500 with the actual amount given being at the discretion of QTH.  Deadline for proposals is 10am Monday 7th June and decisions will be communicated by 6pm Friday 11th June.

*availability dependent
**slight exaggeration but there is definitely some

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