In light of the latest government advice about COVID-19, we can confirm that all performances until Monday 20 April have been postponed (and in some cases cancelled)‎.

The affected performances are listed below:

Show Original date Status
Maggie May 13 – 28 March Cancelled
Mad Science 21 March New date: Sat 6 June
Sunday Jazz 22 March – 10 May Cancelled
Bootleg Blondie 22 March New date: Sun 19 July
Stadium Theatre School 29 March Cancelled
Vienna Festival Ballet Swan Lake 30 March Cancelled
Tenors Un Limited 31 March New date: Mon 14 Dec
Seven Drunken Nights 1 April Cancelled
Swinging At The Cotton Club 2 April New date: Thu 14 Jan
Fairlytes Singers 3 April New date: Fri 19 June
That’ll Be The Day 3 April New date: Tue 10 Nov
Yourythmics 4 April New date:  Fri 13 Nov
Lionel 5 April New date: Tue 21 July
Come What May 6 April New date: Sat 14 Nov
Tommy Sandhu 12 April New date: Sun 13 Sept
Horrible Histories 13 April New date: Mon 9 Nov
Hewitts Performing Arts 14 – 18 April New date: 18 – 22 Aug
Hanuman Tales 18 April New date: Sat 3 Oct
Frank Sinatra – His Way 23 April New date Wed 25 Nov
King John 20 April New date: Tue 17 Nov
Love Letters 24 April – 16 May New dates: 25 Sep – 17 Oct
Down Memory Lane 29 April New date: Wed 19 Aug
Clare Teal 3 May New date: Sun 23 Aug
Voice of the Heart 4 May New date: Mon 26 Oct
Black Dyke Band 10 May New date: Sun 21 Feb
Forever in Blue Jeans 11 May New date: Mon 2 Nov
Marko Sparko 16 May New date: Sat 14 Nov
Land of Hope and Glory 17 May New date: Fri 28 Aug
Growth 18 May New date: Sun 30 Aug
Dracula 24 May New date: Sat 22 May 2021
Sing-a-long-a The Greatest Showman 27 May New date: Sun 16 Aug
The Johnny Cash Roadshow 28 May New date: Wed 13 Jan
The Princess and the Pea 29 May New date: Sat 17 Oct
Motown – How Sweet it is 30 & 31 May New date: Mon 24 Aug
Rosemary Clooney 1 Jun New date:  Sun 28 Mar
Think Floyd 2 Jun New date: Tue 12 Jan
The Smyths 3 Jun New date: Mon 17 Aug
Queen’s Theatre Marvellous Music Hall 4 Jun New date: Sun 14 Feb
Milkshake! Live 7 Jun New date: Sat 13 Mar
Romeo and Julie 23 – 27 Jun Cancelled
Lipstick On Your Collar 2 July New date: Wed 11 Nov

As a much-loved charity serving the local community, the cancellation of lots of events at the theatre will be financially devastating for us, particularly as our public funding received represents less than 15% of the costs of running the theatre and putting on productions and participatory projects.Ticket holders will be contacted by the Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch Box Office in the coming days – please wait to be contacted, as our small team will be very busy dealing with the impact of this unexpected news.

If your show has been cancelled, and you are able to consider donating the value of your tickets to the theatre, rather than seeking a refund, this would help us greatly at a difficult time. We’re incredibly grateful for anything you can do in this respect.

Thank you so much for your support and patience during a period of great uncertainty – it’s very much appreciated.

You can also make a donation to the Theatre here.

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