Our Scratch Night is an invitation into the creative process and a chance to be there at the very beginning.  It’s also a chance to meet the Queen’s Theatre team, have a drink, take a seat and give constructive feedback to the creatives performing.

Join a selection of local professional performers as they share developing work. Including short plays, movement, spoken word, comedy, puppetry, and more.

How To Apply

  • Fill out the Scratch Night Application Form
  • Attach a script if you have one (or an extract or treatment) – 15 minutes is the absolute maximum running time.
  • The closing date for applications is Mon 3 Feb
    • We’ll then go through all of the applications and let you know within a week whether your piece has been selected.
    • We’ll then hold your place for a week.  In that time, you’ll need to get your cast and creative team together (if you haven’t already) and request rehearsal space if you need any.
    • If we don’t hear from you (with all of the people in place) by Mon 10 Feb we’ll give your place to someone else.
  • The evening itself commences at 8pm.  There will be slots to rehearse on stage before the performance.

We endeavour to put together a varied evening of performance. Therefore, please do not be disappointed if your work is not selected, it can always be re-submitted for the evening in the autumn.



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