Outer Limits: Call Out

At the Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch, it is a priority for us to encourage the development of emerging artists based in East London and Essex.  As such, we are opening up the opportunity for local artists and companies to propose small-scale productions to be performed on our Foyer stage this Autumn.

We have a number of slots from late August through to January 2019 and preference will be given to shows that have already been created, already touring and/or booked for any festivals.

Technical information: The Foyer stage sound desk can handle 12 sound inputs including mics, iPod and laptops.  As well as the sound desk, a production on the foyer stage will have access to 5 microphones, a cd player and two PA speakers and an FX unit for microphone reverbs. Lighting is 4 stage lights (Par Cans) in a warm white colour. These are at a constant level throughout.

To apply, please complete the application form and email to our Programming and Producer Co-ordinator, Tom Hurley, at artistcallout@queens-theatre.co.uk

Closing date for application is 10am Monday 8 April.

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