We’re excited to announce we will be participating in the Discover London Children’s Book Swap on Saturday 11 February between 10.30am and 2.30pm. We will open our doors to anyone wanting to recycle their children’s books and give children new books to read.

Over 70 venues across 21 London boroughs will be celebrating Discover London Children’s Book Swap’s sixth birthday. For one day only, literally thousands of books will be swapped in an action-packed day of free activities. 2017 will see a record breaking number of family friendly venues and libraries signed up for this mega book project.

Don’t miss CBeebies’ favourite double act, Chris & Pui star in their very own stage show Show Me Show Me on the same day of the book swapping event. Chris & Pui will be performing two shows at the Queen’s Theatre (11am and 2pm) on Saturday 11 February. So families attending the event can bring an old book along with them to the theatre and swap it for a different book to take home for free.

The Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch welcomes book donations for the event suitable for children aged 3 – 16.

For more information about the Discover London Children’s Book Swap visit: www.facebook.com/LondonChildrensBookswap

To book tickets for Chris & Pui visit http://www.queens-theatre.co.uk/whats-on/show/chris-pui-show/ or call the Box Office on  443333.

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