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Leave a Lasting Legacy

Leave a lasting legacy

"A legacy is a wonderful way to make a massive difference to a cause you care about- and the fact the government can make it tax efficient helps make your gift worth even more."

Bernard Ross, Director, The Management Centre


Leaving a gift to the Queen’s in your will is a wonderful way of making sure that future generations continue to enjoy everything the Queen’s Theatre has to offer.


Legacy gifts and donations will help secure the Theatre’s future, entertain even more people, expand our Education and Outreach programme and enrich lives for many years to come.


However large or small, every donation is important.


Thank you for considering this kind gesture. Leaving a legacy is one of the most important gifts you can make. By remembering the Queen’s in your will you can make a difference and ensure your love of the Theatre will continue.


By pledging your support, the Queen’s Theatre will be delighted to give you a lasting tribute and acknowledgment, unless of course you wish to remain anonymous. Please contact Martha Grisi, Head of Development 01708 462349 for details on how we can remember your generosity for years to come.Download leaflet.


How to leave a legacy


If you wish to leave a legacy to the Queen’s after providing for your beneficiaries, drafting or updating your will is straightforward.


There are three different types of gifts you can choose from:


1) Pecuniary Legacy or cash gift - a gift of a fixed amount of money. 


2) Residuary Legacy – a gift of a certain share of your estate, or whatever is left after payments to your loved ones have been made.


3) Specific legacy – a gift of an item or items, such as stocks or shares, or personal possessions.


To leave the Queen’s Theatre a gift, you need to state in your will which of these three legacies – Pecuniary, Residuary or Specific - you would like to leave to:

Havering Theatre Trust, Registered Charity No. 248680


Please note: If you leave it to just the Queen’s Theatre we may not receive all of your gift.


Inheritance Tax

100% of your gift will go directly to the Theatre as the Havering Theatre Trust (Queen’s Theatre) is a Registered Charity so your gift is exempt from inheritance tax, which could help decrease your liability to tax. Rather than paying inheritance tax to Inland Revenue, you can leave your money to a charity whose work you enjoy and support.


If you already have a will

You can easily make an amendment to an existing will by adding a r codicil to include the Havering Theatre Trust. Please ask your solicitor for further information and advice.


Making your will

Making a will is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your family and friends are properly protected and that your wishes will be carried out.


We advise that you seek guidance from an experienced solicitor to write your will. You can phone in advance for advice and details of charges before you decide on the solicitor.





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