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Leave a lasting legacy

Leave a lasting legacy

Remembering the Queen’s Theatre in your will means that your name and generosity will continue, giving future generations the chance to experience, benefit and enjoy our work for many years to come.

Leaving a legacy can also be a tax-effective way of giving, enabling you to either reduce or avoid paying Inheritance Tax on your estate to the Government.


How to Leave a Gift

Whether drafting or updating an existing will you need to decide what type of gift you would like to leave to The Queen's Theatre.

There are three ways you can do this.

1) A pecuniary gift or cash gift. This is where you choose to make a gift of a fixed amount of money.

2) A residuary gift. Where you can choose to leave a share or the whole of whatever is left in your estate after all payments to family, friends etc has been paid.

3) Specific legacy. A gift of an item or items, such as stocks or shares or personal possessions.


As The Queen's Theatre is a charity it is exempt from inheritance tax (which could help decrease your liability to tax), so 100% of the gift will go directly to the charity.


By pledging your support for the Queen’s Theatre we will be delighted to give you a lasting tribute in the theatre that you love.


For more information on how you can leave your legacy, email development@queens-theatre.co.uk


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