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Community Company

Q Company is open to adults aged 19+. The group meet on a Tuesday evening from 7.30pm – 9.30pm and learn a range of drama and theatre skills. The group regularly performs at the Queen's Theatre in both large and small scale performances on our main and foyer stages. Spaces are limited and on a first come first served basis. Book in advance at the Box Office on 01708 443333. Click for Schedule


Theatre Talks

Looking for a guest speaker? Someone from the Queen's Theatre can visit your group to give an insight into the world of professional theatre and the history of the Queen’s. As a producing theatre there is plenty that goes on behind the scenes - from rehearsing our resident company of actor-musicians to building and painting sets in our workshop.   

We can provide speakers for the following topics:
- The History of the Queen’s Theatre
- Roles and Responsibilities
- From Page to Stage

Each talk includes elements of the other topics and can be adapted to meet your group’s interests and requirements. Speakers tend to talk for about 40 minutes and please allow 20 minutes for questions at the end.

- Minimum donation £40
- Talks are held at your school or group’s meeting place
- The event lasts 1 hour

Contact the Education Department for further information and bookings
- 01708 462373
- education@queens-theatre.co.uk


Backstage Tours

As a producing theatre, there is always a great deal going on behind the scenes at the Queen's. Why not give your students or group the opportunity to visit back stage and see how a production is brought to life?








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