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The Babes in the Wood programme cover23 December 1968 to 1 February 1969
The Babes in the Wood

by John Moffatt

A Christmas Pantomime

Artistic Credits
Producers: Anthony Carrick and Anthony Hozier
Designer: Paul Mayo
Lighting: Paul Vickers
Musical Director: Anthony Williams
Choreographer: Jacquie-Ann Carr

Robin Hood: Susan Denny
Maid Marian: Ruth Llewellyn
Reggie: (The Ian Trigger
Cissie: Babes) Suzanne Heath
Sarah Tickle (their nurse): David Richardson
Barnaby Bailey: (Two Travelling Frank Mills
Balliol Barnum: Actors) George Mason
Will Scarlet: Clive Whiteley
Kitty Clover: Jacquie-Ann Carr
Friar Tuck: David Llyod Meredith
The Sheriff of Nottingham: John Harwood
The Demon of the Forest: Terence Bayler
The Fairy of the Sylvan Glade: Mary Healy
Horace (the Horse): David Atkinson and Pip Marsh
Villagers and Robins Band of Merry Men: Lynette Erving, Liz Norman, Rebecca Cannon, Michael Cullen, David Atkinson, Anthony Pryor, Brian Harding-Madge and Pip Marsh
Musicians: Anthony Williams, Edward Clegg

Part One
Prologue: Darkness
Scene 1: The edge of the forest
Scene 2: The Sheriff’s House
Scene 3: The schoolroom
Scene 4: A Woodland glade
Scene 5: The Nursery and then Dreamland

INTERVAL of fifteen minutes

Part Two
Prologue: Limbo
Scene 1: In the Sheriff’s House
Scene 2: The heart of the forest
Scene 3: The haunted tower
Scene 4: The depths of the forest
Scene 5: Another part of the forest
Scene 6: The depths of the forest
Scene 7: In the Sheriff’s House
Scene 8: The Earl of Huntingdon’s Castle


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