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archive Spring 1996

Plan 9 from Outer Space programme cover29 March – 20 April
Plan 9 from Outer Space
by Ed Wood
adapted by David G Smith and Mark Knowles
new music for UK production by Warren Wills
new lyrics for UK production by Richard Hanson

Artistic Credits

Director: Marina Caldarone, Richard Hansom
Musical Director: Warren Wills
Designer: John Jenkins
Lighting: Jon Linstrum
Choreographer: David Toguri
Assistant Musical Director: Alistair Johnson
Rehearsal Assistant: Melanie Robertson
Dance Captain: Kinny Gardner
On the Book: Sharon Speirs


Criswell (the narrator): Julian Harries
Jeff (an airline pilot): Luke Goss
Chuck (Jeff’s assistant pilot): Michael Lloyd
Vicky (Jeff and Chuck’s stewardess)/Tanna (Eros’ Campanion): Raya North
Paula (Jeff’s wife): Vanessa Clarke
‘Bela’ (a grief stricken widower): Bob Hewis
‘Vampira’ (Bela’s late, lamented wife): Adele Anderson
Clay (a police inspector)/General Roberts (Edward’s superior officer): Mark Donovan
Lieutenant Dawson (Clay’s assistant): Michael Lloyd
Eros (an alien lieutenant): Kinny Gardner
The Commander (chief of the alien forces): Peter Straker
Colonel Edwards (US Army): Bob Hewis


Drums/Percussion: Niel Huxtable
Guitar/Kelton: Carl Orr
Bass Guitar/Army Man: Dominic Palmer
Keyboards: Warren Wills

flyer front

Plan 9 From Outer Space flyer front

flyer back

Plan 9 From Outer Space flyer back


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