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archive Spring 1983

On your way Riley! programme cover16 February – 5 March
On your way, Riley!

by Alan Plater
songs by Alex Glasgow

This play traces the dramatic off-stage relationship between Arthur Lucan and his wife, Kitty McShane, while on stage and screen they were delighting huge audiences with the antics of Old Mother Riley and her daughter Kitty.

Artistic Credits

Director: Paul Tomlinson
Musical Director: Robert Davidson
Choreographer: Vivien Stokes
Set Design: Ian Wilson
Costume Design: Jill Rolfe
Lighting: Stanley Osborne-White


The Singing Urchin: Philip Cade, Michael Compton, Clive Martin, Buster Skeggs, Joanne Zorian
House Manager and MC: Tony Kenway
Aurther Lucan: John Halstead
Kitty McShane: Yvonne Edgell
Danny, juvenile lead: Philip Cade
Head Waiter: Richard Bremmer
Waiter: Michael Crompton
Waiter: Clive Martin
Ossie, film director: Tony Kenway
Dorothy, his assistant: Joanne Zorian
Frank, comedian actor: Tony Kenway
Ted, stage-door keeper: Richard Bremmer
Charlie Smethurst, a juggler: Clive Martin
Diana, a juggler: Joanne Zorian
Pianist: Robert Davidson
Dave, an understudy: Michael Crompton
George, a film director: Richard Bremmer
Val, his assistant: Buster Skeggs
Reporter: Philip Cade
Priest: Richard Bremmer


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