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The Queen's Theatre Hornchurch is a vibrant producing theatre in the London Borough of Havering, serving East London, Essex and beyond since 1953.


As a registered charity and the cultural hub of the region, over 200,000 people enjoy the theatre's programme every year, including the best in home-produced theatre, visiting live entertainment and inspiring Learning and Participation projects. 


Behind the scenes almost all of our sets and costumes are all lovingly created on-site by our highly skilled carpentry workshop, scenic artists and wardrobe department.


The Queen's receives regular funding from the London Borough of Havering and is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation. This helps us put theatre at the heart of the cultural life of the community we serve.


Hire the Queen's

From our distinctive Foyer space and Bar to the 500 seat auditorium and stage area,  the Queen's Theatre is available for hire for your performance, conference or event.

For more information please email: adminassistants@queens-theatre.co.uk

Prop Hire

As a Repertory Theatre we do have to find a lot of specific furniture or props for our shows, from period writing desks to Jack’s magic beans, most of these we keep in our store for future use.

If you would be interested in hiring any of our stock feel free to contact us.

For more information please email: asm@queens-theatre.co.uk

Board of Trustees

Barry Adams, Emily Balham, David Burn, Chris Dixon, Caroline Eves, Cllr Gillian Ford, Judith Jackson, John Jones, Michael Quine, Dennis Roycroft (Chair), Cllr Patricia Rumble, Robert West, Claire Gevaux, David Roe


Registered Charity No.: 248680


Click here to download a PDF of the our annual report.



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